heyandy is an Adelaide based content creation studio specialising in photography, video & stop motion.

We create unique & memorable visual content for discerning brands.

"Working with you to create visual content that helps you achieve your goals."

How We Work

No matter how big or small a project is, the lifecycle is similar. We break each project down into 3 distinct parts to make it crystal clear.

Explore -> Develop -> Create

Let's Break it down.

1. Explore

Before we get started creating meaningful content, we start by exploring what you know. We ask a lot of questions and let you do the talking. Our goal is to bring your vision to life. So we need to get inside your head and your strategy to truly understand what you need.

This means we’ll: 

  • Have a conversation or two
  • Discuss where you’re at and what you need
  • Find out who you’re talking to
  • Structure your ideas and create goals
  • Define the scope and budget
  • Establish timeframes and expectations

2. Develop

Next we need to refine the information, make recommendations and decide upon actions. This simply means we put our thinking caps on and make sure we come up with ideas that ensure we’re giving high-fives all round.

Depending on what your project entails, we might do things like:

  • Idea exploration
  • Compile references
  • Concept imagery
  • Define creative direction
  • Create storyboards
  • Make recommendations

3. Create

This is where the fun really kicks in. We hit the ground running to implement your ideas and ours with one goal in mind… create awesome visual content that makes our clients happy.

We’ll create all sorts of visual content including:

  • Photography
  • Video 
  • Stop motion

What's with the name?

Thousands of times we’ve heard it. “heyandy can you...” (complete the sentence with what you need). So we made it simple and easy to remember.

When you need visual content for your website, blog, social accounts or campaigns just think ‘heyandy_’. We’ll be happy to help you out.